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The Black Panther Movie Divide 0

The Black Panther Movie Divide

The Black Panther Movie Divide This highly anticipated weekend saw the release of the long-awaited movie. Marvel’s Black Panther is the latest stand-alone film featuring the superhero King from Wakanda, a fictional African nation....

Mr Oizo - Flat beat 0

Mr Oizo – Flat beat

Mr Oizo – Flat beat I would be ashamed to admit this if I really didn’t give a shite what some people think, but this right here, this Mr Oizo – Flat beat tune...

Guinea Pig Son Commerical 0

Guinea Pig Son Commercial

Guinea Pig Son Commercial I truly am a sucker for a good commercial and this latest one from PETCO as part of their Holiday sales promotion is my favorite commercial at the moment. The...

Guinness changes original recipe 0

Guinness changes original recipe

Guinness changes original recipe It’s not everyday you read such a troubling headline, sure you can read stories of real sorrow suffering and human tragedy and I’m in no way trivialized those stories but...

CHI-RAQ Official Trailer 0

CHI-RAQ Official Trailer

CHI-RAQ Official Trailer (2015) A Spike Lee Joint, HD A modern day adaptation of the ancient Greek play Lysistrata by Aristophanes, set against the backdrop of gang violence in Chicago. After the murder of...