Rise Grind and Shine 0

Rise Grind and Shine

Today is going to be an awesome day, started off too early, being awakened by loud phone alerts, then the morning became awkward, the breakfast news somewhat entertaining, oh that faux News, then the...

Mesut Ozil 0

Another Arsenal Victory

I just love days like this, watching my team play almost flawless beautiful football leading to yet another Arsenal victory. Brilliant passes, clinical finishing, my only grip on this game, the two wankers who...

Fried Alligator Meat 0

Fried Alligator Meat

Fried Alligator Meat Tonight I took a chance on some dare to eat different type mess and visited New Orleans Seafood for something different, outside my norm. My usual Take Out Friday meal would...


Twilight zone!

I’m getting ready start my day, watching Fox5Atlanta and two news stories, just baffle me, really make me stare at the tv and asking myself am I in the damn twilight zone? In the...

snooze button 0

Snooze Button

Snooze Button It’s a damn shame when the only thing you’re hitting first thing in the morning is…. the snooze button smh

Squares out your circle 0

Squares up out your circle

SMH ooooh really people? Really really interesting…. Turns out they’re some people who if they don’t get things popping their way, they will actually resort to absolute amateur, childlike tactics. That old saying the...

Brrrr in the ATL 0

Ice Cold in ATL

This is just utterly ridiculous, I know it’s winter, I know temperatures are meant to be low, but it’s days like this that you really must appreciate the summer months. It’s just Ice Cold...