Puerto Ricans in Paris 0

Puerto Ricans in Paris

Puerto Ricans in Paris Two Puerto Rican NYPD detectives head to Paris to track down a stolen handbag. I swear Luis Guzmán just stay working, no breaks!!

The Purge - Election Year 2016 0

The Purge – Election Year

The Purge – Election Year As a young girl, Sen. Charlene Roan survived the annual night of lawlessness that took the lives of her family members. As a presidential candidate, Roan is determined to...

Echo - Bai TV Commercial 0

Echo – Bai TV Commercial

Echo – Bai TV Commercial What makes a great commercial? Brand recognition? Consumer interaction? Instant attention grabber? Memorability? Well for me a great commercial has all the above and then some, toss in a...

Mr Oizo - Flat beat 0

Mr Oizo – Flat beat

Mr Oizo – Flat beat I would be ashamed to admit this if I really didn’t give a shite what some people think, but this right here, this Mr Oizo – Flat beat tune...

The Land - Official Trailer 0

The Land – Official Trailer

The Land – Official Trailer Directed by: Steven Caple Jr. Starring: Jorge Lendeborg Jr., Moises Arias, Rafi Gavron, & Ezri Walker, Machine Gun Kelly, & Robert Hunter Teenage buddies Cisco, Boobie, Junior, and Patty...

Trinidad James - Just A Lil' Thick 0

Trinidad James – Just A Lil’ Thick

Trinidad James – Just A Lil’ Thick Lyrics For all my gorgeous, healthy, sisters all around the world I’m talkin’ the 175 and up club The we cook good, we eat good, we look...

Desiigner - Panda 0

Desiigner – Panda

Desiigner – Panda Lyrics This what they all been waitin’ for I guess so They been waitin’ for this shit for a long time didn’t they I’ma give it everythin’ I got Ayo Dougie...