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Official Music video for Patrice Roberts Old & Grey, Trinidad Soca 2016 0

Patrice Roberts 2016 Soca

Patrice Roberts Soca 2016 Old & Grey Directed, Produced, Edited, Cinematography and Aerial Cinematography by MILCvision Trinidad Follow Patrice Roberts Instagram: @PatriceRoberts1 Twitter: @PatriceRmusic Facebook: @PatriceRmusic Soundcloud: @PatriceRmusic ReverbNation: @PatriceRmusic

Problem Child - Whole Lot Ah Land 0

Problem Child – Whole Lot Ah Land

Problem Child – Whole Lot Ah Land 2016 New Music Video Promo @RealProblemChild Gawd Blinyah!!! I like ummm, de “vincybadboy” has another certified banger!!! Big tune to pelt plenty waistline behind bam bam, almost...

Hypasounds - Dutti "2014 Soca Music" 0


Dutti Hypasounds – Dutti “2014 Soca Music” (Riddim Up Productions) “Barbados Crop Over”



DOLLA DROP Look like actual wukking up is becoming a lost art in Bimshire, but I gine still support de artist. just don’t lost wunnaself!!