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Participation trophies

Participation trophies Really America? What the hell ever happened to the true sense of competition in sports? What has happened to the concept of “Trill of Victory, Agony of defeat“? What ever happen to...

Speech Mode Boss 1

Speech Mode Boss

Speech Mode Boss Marshawn Lynch has agreed to be Pepsi’s newest spokesman. Under one condition… There’s only one word to describe this commercial…. hilarious! What do you do with the pro athlete Running Back...

BMW X5 Leather Commercial 0

BMW X5 Leather Commercial

BMW X5 Leather Commercial This commercial is so damn hilarious to me, Granny just so inappropriate in her reminiscing. No granny, no one wants to hear that bullshit!!

Nike Together 0

Nike Together

Nike Together I don’t know if this is all handled in-house or the Advertising agency team behind these spots for Nike, but I’d just like to say they do some incredible work. This commercial...

Kung Fu Elbow 0

Kung Fu Elbow

Steak 'n Shake – Kung Fu Elbow from Marty Senn on Vimeo. Kung Fu Elbow This has to be one of my favorite commercials on television right now. The Steak ‘n Shake Kung Fu...

Mr Bag 12

Sex sells but why Mr Bag

Sex sells but why Mr Bag This is Checker’s/Rally’s statement: Meet Mr. Bag, our new spokesbag. He’s all about the big, bold Checkers and Rally’s flavors you love. #itsinthebag Really? Yes Sex sells but...