Muslim Only Housing Development in Barbados


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3 Responses

  1. NikNik says:

    Your concern is valid, re: land restrictions. I agree that it should not happen. However, the concerns regarding Barbados becoming the focus of the US, why should it? From what I gather, these are Bajans who are Muslims. Also, should it to be sold to foreigners, then don’ t they have regulations re: screening for that?

    • Madbajanent says:

      Restrictions my ass! Some parts of Barbados, Bajans can’t go or their presence is frowned upon unless they frigging working there. The fact that these are Muslims don’t bother me, it’s the segregation part, why are you choosing to isolate yourself in such a diverse island? what will it lead too? Ok so I remember when i was younger a lot of the Muslims would be ridiculed, laughed at for their attire which was odd, Some had thick skin got past the “ghost jokes” but they mixed. Setting up what would be essentially a compound is a bad idea in my opinion. as for the US “world cop” watch, there was already an incident with the world crime rankings couple years back, I don’t need my island becoming a watch list group, you already have these idiots republicans talking about ISIS on the borders.

  2. Natasha says:

    Making sure the muslim community integrates is the only thing you should tolerate in Barbados. I live in the UK and have seen the creation of closed communities. Muslims do not approve of and look down on none believers. Without generalising they are pios and judgmental whilst large elements being hypocrites widely known to be involved in fraud, doing things their own way aboiding the law. Read British news papers endless stories about fraud, crime and even though extreme grooming gangs exploying children for sex. They have different values and do not respect the law. At the very worst your immigrstion department will see endless applications from cousins of muslims in Barbados requedting permission to move from Pakistan to Bim to marry another practice of theirs. I am half asian myself so am not being unecessarily unfair. However their practices are altering the fabric of the UK because of the fact that their values are different to British values. There are stories in the UK of trojan horse plots to over throw school boards and implement governors who will implement a more Islam friendly curriculum ie girls sat at the back of class, no music being taught. Without sounding controversial I would say do not take your eye of them and make it clear they integrate or they are not welcome. I wont even start on the coercive nature of Islam which means its spreads and no one can ever leave the religion. Finally in summary the most popular boys name in the UK is Mohammed!! Dont spoil Barbados.

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