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About MadbajanWhat can I really sit here and type about Madbajan? What do you the curious folks who stumble across this site want to really know about Madbajan? The bottom line:

I’m Bajan aka Barbadian, pronounced “Baaay jun” not “baaahhh jaaaan” from the most beautiful place on earth, the Caribbean island gem of Barbados

I’m mad aka crazy, not fully in need of a strait-jacket an institution, but just a little different in my way of thinking. I’m a little insane mixed with a little healthy daily anger, hence the name Madbajan, but this is mostly channeled into just talking shit, yup it’s what I do. As a disclaimer they’re many with the name, lets face it show me one single Bajan that is not a little mad, but I am the one with the .com lol.

So here are some facts, I live in the United States of America, Atlanta Ga is now home. I am dedicated and loyal Arsenal FC fan, Gunner for life, I love all things entertainment wise, my taste in music is uhhh “different”. My musical taste has always been more diverse, I don’t just listen to Soca & Reggae as I’m expected to a Caribbean man. My movie collection is made up mostly of the “black experience” but lets face it, ever since TP took over, I’ve been forced to make it more diverse.

…and that’s about it.

This is just the space online where I can say just what the hell ever I like, not that I don’t exactly do that already in regular life, but this is my corner to let my mind be free. Some of what I post here, probably won’t make sense all the time or you may totally disagree, find it offensive, ignorant, unenlightened or just plain think I need an education and some human etiquette classes….. but as I said it’s my space, I’m just sharing it with you good folks.

So if you like what you see here, feel free to share, comment whatever!!

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