Godzilla 2014 Fail


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14 Responses

  1. Glemz says:

    Blah … wasn’t interested anyway.

  2. coolman229 says:

    Wow. What the hell. This movie was fantastic. You’re just whining. Congrats on misunderstanding the entire movie.

    • Madbajanent says:

      Really? Yea I misunderstood the entire concept of the King of monsters movie.(sarcasm) But If you consider this movie fantastic you are easily impressed… move it along!!

  3. mad bajan. we will find you and we will rip every piece of your skin then we will eat your flesh.

    ~ Order Draco

  4. Dan Miller says:

    No offense but you’re logic is flawed. First off the math is perfectly plausible. For the sake of argument let’s just say he was 8 at the beginning of the movie. After the melt down 15 years pass. What’s 8+15? 23 right? His son was roughly 5 but most likely 4 since we never see him with a school bag like we did with his father 15 years prior. But again for the sake of argument we’ll say he’s 5. What’s 23-5? 18 right? I’m sure you know of a few people, if not yourself personally, who have had kids when they were younger than 18. My best friend had her son when she was 15 but that’s not relevant. So he had a son when he was 18, happens all the damn time. He probably even married his wife after she got pregnant. How many times has that been done in the movies? Hundreds I’m sure. So after he marries his wife he joins the Marines and is deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan or something like that and comes home after every tour. I find it refreshing that they didn’t dwell on those details and left it up to us viewers to decide how we got to that point in the movie. I’m also glad they didn’t have him despising his father for his moms death at the beginning of the movie, which again has been used countless times as a plot device. Ya he never took his father seriously at first but there wasn’t this deep seeded animosity towards his father and just before his dad died he got to look at him and say “I’m sorry I didn’t believe you dad.” Those words weren’t actually spoken but it on his face when he last saw his father before he died. As for who raised him after the nuclear meltdown, I don’t think it was important to the story so it didn’t need to be told but I think his father was around for most of it considering he didn’t really hate his dad. The first 20 minutes I found myself bored but once the action picked up I was in awe. I loved the look of this Godzilla, he was massive and makes the others before him look anorexic, plus he could bend and move in ways we’ve never seen Godzilla do before which made him seem all the more real. I do agree with you though that final fight was bad ass I wanted to clap in the theatre but held back because I’d look like a fool. The scenes you describe of Godzilla swimming by the navy ships, that was to give context that Godzilla wasn’t there to harm us, but to help us defeat the other monsters. That was then reinforced when the navy was shooting at him when they were at the Golden Gate Bridge. He could have killed those men easily but he didn’t he swam off to find his real targets. As for his screen time. Yes it was short and you wanted more which is what I think the director wanted. I kind of liken it to being at a strip joint. The lady on stage is dancing seductively teasing you with her dancing, she flashes you her boobs then covers them up again making you want even more. It was brilliant the way he did that, I love the movie even more for it. On a final note the token Japanese guy yelling Godzilla, while corny, was more of a homage to the Godzilla’s of yesteryear where they would be running in the streets yelling it.

    • Madbajanent says:

      Agreeing to disagree on some points that’s cool, Being flawed when it comes to movie logic is often open to interpretation as movies are a form of art, some art pieces are not for everyone. The timeline can add with teen pregnancy math and 18 year old military enrollment sure, but since these are the main human characters of the movie anyway, spend some time developing them without odd questions arising, we all know the first 20mins could of been filled with much more as there was a serious lag. Bottom line I think we both can agree this movie could of been so much better.

  5. MojoJojo says:

    Honestly, I do believe you’re being a bit harsh on the movie. You really didn’t find ANYTHING good about this movie?

    Now, while you state your opinion, all of us may openly state ours. So I’m just going to say that the movie was great. It balanced out suspense, science fiction, action, and pure hype in a single hour and a half that succeeded in portraying humanity being in trouble and a giant fucking radioactive lizard coming in and saving the day, while not making it overly cheezy, corny, or unrealistic. The elements of this movie demonstrated the way that Godzilla is SUPPOSED to be portrayed. Hell, the ORIGINAL CREATOR of Godzilla came and worked on the project with them, and since the director has only worked on small time films like Monsters, I don’t see how they could have made the movie any better. Do YOU have any ideas? What kind of plotline would YOU prefer?

    The only thing that pissed me off about this movie was that *SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!!!!!* Bryan Cranston died. But even then, that kept along with the realistic aspects of the movie. Now, I know that gargantuan monsters aren’t stomping around the world REALISTICALLY, but if they did under these circumstances, I’m pretty sure that they’d do so in a manner that was actually closer to this movie than to any of the past films.

    I’m proud about this finished project, and there’s nothing more I can ask of them. We came for the monsters, a decent storyline, and characters hopefully better than Pacific Rim, and we GOT the monsters, a decent storyline, and characters that were better than Pacific Rim.

    To say that this movie sucked is being WAY too much of a critic. It’s the same as looking at every tiny imperfection, because there really are no large ones, and saying that the product is a total disaster.

    • Madbajanent says:

      Funny you mentioned Pacific Rim, I actually enjoyed that movie, I look forward to a Pacific Rim2. I can think of many ways to add to this movie, I am hoping the dvd has an extended version with plenty of deleted scenes. I want to see more of the big guy giving fisticuffs to the Mutos, also without him acting like Mr Marcus after he buss a nut, just falling out an having to take a minute to recover. he should of been well rested all this time. I get his blaster takes it out of him but c’mon!! Harsh is open to interpretation again, I’m not calling the movie a total piece of shit, it’s just that I wanted more, I didn’t want Godzilla hiding in veiled shadows or clouds or dust, I didn’t want cutaways to show a human element when he’s kicking ass!! Here’s one of my movie ideas…. Godzilla Vs King Kong, would that not be epic, if done right?

  6. I suppose then you liked the Godzilla 98 offering? Or perhaps Final Wars? Now i do feel you on some points. In fact i’ll go so far as to say this wasn’t “really” a Godzilla flick it actually felt like a Gamera movie.He saved Brody’s ass a few times, not to mention the kids on the bus@ the golden gate bridge. Godzilla gets curb stomped then makes an impressive comeback. Also Big G wasn’t randomly destroying shit in pursuit of his target. And while i wasn’t put off by the human drama in this piece, i’ll agree with the cuts that took us away from the first monster brawl. However the overall tone of the film was true!

    1. Godzilla is a badass pure and simple and it can’t be denied
    2. Most impressive film to date…back in japan Toho rushed production all the time, screwed up scripts, changed monsters to give us nothing new, rehashed old crap whenever they could. Only GMK can match the balance (overall) with this film. GMK was also way above the curve for effects of that era (early 2000’s). Legendary’s Godzilla, and GMK stand above all other G-flicks with the exception of Destroy All Monsters and Godzilla vs Astro Monster aka MechaGodzilla (73) and thats 3 out of 30 fuckin movies…
    3. Godzilla done right by a director who knows the monster. Emmerich and Develin had no idea what, or who Godzilla was the result, we get a mutated iguana…i mean WTF an iguana!!!!

    I can see you are a G-Fan by your passion but serisously, don’t you think this film did some good for Godzilla fans everywhere?
    As an aside… Peter Jackson wanted to remake Kong vs Big G, and while i love his work with LOTR and the Hobbit (altho i don’t think the Hobbit should have been a trilogy) Don’t you think this current director Garth Edwards could do a good job with that film?

    • Madbajanent says:

      It’s clear this film did plenty for some Godzilla fans. A lot of people seem to be in love with this film. But it was not a complete film for me. I think if Garth Edwards pays attention to details more, he could do a good job with a Godzilla V Kong, maybe get Michael Bay involved, actually then it might be too over the top.
      From a comedic standpoint, I liked the 1998 Godzilla, but you are correct that was not a true Godzilla movie, he, sorry she ran from everything and then laid eggs c’mon

  7. I do agree on most of your points here. I also agree that they cut away from Godzilla way to much to show us the humans that we’re supposed to relate to. I wanted to see the big guy fighting other monsters. I am glad he was a ‘good guy’ in this and not randomly destroying things. That scene where he’s the ‘pet’ of the carriers is both realistic and not. I don’t think the Navy ships would EVER be that close to him while he’s in motion, especially since they don’t know anything about him at that point. The Japanese guy hadn’t yet convinced them that Godzilla was on their side yet. And you can tell in many scenes that both Godzilla and the MUTOs had a high degree of intelligence. Godzilla didn’t want to tear up the place, he’s just so big he doesn’t see things on such a tiny human scale.

    I do think the dad still raised the son. Its not like they emptied out Japan after the accident. They might have stayed there, and once the son was old enough he got his commission and joined the Marines. There are MANY American bases in Japan and he might have met his wife there, heck maybe even as high school sweethearts at one of the DoD schools there. It wasn’t really relevant to the story line or the plot, so it was omitted. Honestly can you say knowing where he was raised would have made a difference in the storyboard? I do not think this was a ‘recruitment’ video for the marines as you say, since there were several other services there. Granted many of them overlap, but its SEEMED like you saw Air Force, Navy, and Marines. Since it was based in San Fran, I can tell you (since I live there) there is a large multi-service population here. It only makes sense that the military would respond to this sort of thing. If not the military…who then? The cops? Yeah right.

    Overall I do agree that the movie could have been done better, but I for one loved his brawny bad ass look. He has a face like my Pit bull and I enjoyed that. I’m sorry you had to sit next to that fat chick sucking chicken bones tho. Ugh… but ‘giant fail’?? No. Too harsh.

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